Friday, June 1, 2012

A Whole lot of Awesome!!!

If you follow my blog or my Facebook page, then this family should look familiar to you! My first session with them was their maternity session and since then I have had the joy of watching Miss B go from a tiny adorable infant to a curious and happy little girl! It has also been fun watching her parents go from nervous and excited parents-to-be to natural pros! It's a good thing they are so good at parenting because...they are expecting again!! They have TWO kids on the way! Okay, okay...before you start thinking she is pregnant with twins, please go read her blog HERE for a better explanation!

How exciting is that?! I am beyond thrilled for them and so excited that God answered their prayers and is blessing them so quickly! They have been such a blessing in my life and when I read on her blog last year that they were going to be adopting, I knew right away I would help them somehow. Well, my original idea won't work now since this is all happening faster than we had all expected. So now it's on to plan B!

I am offering a chance for you to win a photography session with me at a discounted price! A normal session with me is valued at $150 which includes the sitting fee as well as a cd of your images with print release. Here are the rules:

1.) For every $10 you donate, your name will be written on a piece of paper and placed in a bowl. The more you donate, the higher your chances are of being picked!

2.) You have until June 30th to donate. I will then meet with the Miller Family and have them draw one piece of paper from the bowl and that person will win the discounted session with me!

3.) If you are the winner, your session must be redeemed sometime between September thru December 2012. You do NOT have to set a date upon winning, just keep in touch with me and as those month approach, let me know what dates you have available. A travel/lodging fee will not apply if it is in the OKC/Norman/Altus area. If you win and live out of town and can not come to me or afford for me to come to you, I will allow you to gift the session to the Miller Family. Otherwise, a new name will be drawn.

4.) If you donated but your name is not drawn (at the expense of sounding cheesy) you are still a winner! You are truly being a blessing in this family's life and are appreciated!

Now that the fine print is over with, lets talk about how you can donate!! You can do any of the following: E-mail me on my Facebook page, or my gmail, or leave a comment on this blog with your information and I will contact you!

I know that was a lot of information! I've never done a contest or raised money like this before so I hope I covered all the bases! You have until June 30th to donate but don't put it off until it's too late! I'll be updating my Facebook with the progress, so check back often!

X's and O's,
Brandi Sue

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cara and Tim {Family}

It's always fun to hang out with "old friends" especially when it's an activity I enjoy doing ;) When Cara asked me to photograph her and her little brother as a surprise for her mom I was so excited! I think that's the best idea ever for a present! (Well for Mom's and Grandma's...not sure how well it would go over with the men haha) Apparently they haven't had pictures made together for a long time so she knew it would be special for her mom. I wish I could have seen her face when she opened her present! It was fun running all over campus and downtown, I used them as models to test out a few locations and they were pretty good sports! I also got some practice on posing non couples! I've never had a session like this and it was a challenge at first since I kept wanting to pose them as a couple haha Lucky for me, they were patient! :)

Take a close look at the second picture and see if you can spot what's "wrong" with that photo... ;) Cara was afraid she was going to get jumped walking around like that. To make matters more interesting...not only were there tailgaters getting ready for the home game that was just a few hours away but there were several campus tours going on while we were walking around! It's a good thing OU fans are classy and know how to take a good joke ;) haha

For more of my faves from this session head on over to Facebook! Enjoy!

X's and O's,
Brandi Sue

Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Miss M {Life}

I love when clients come back to me! Not only are we all not as nervous, but I get so excited to see how much the little ones have grown! Little Miss M was excited to show off her pearly whites for me this time around and those pretty blue eyes, oh my! I can't get over how blue they are!

As always, head over to my Facebook to see the rest of my faves!

X's and O's,
Brandi Sue

Thursday, February 16, 2012

BH {Family}

What's better than one gorgeous family? How about two combined?! When I booked this session, I thought it was a family of 5. So imagine my surprise, and tiny panic attack, when I counted 8 people walking my way! I've never seen so many different personalities in one session but this family, knows how to rock it out! I was impressed with the outfit coordination too! That can't be easy to figure out for 8 people!

I think the Mom's and one son might disagree, but this session actually went by too fast for me! haha I had a lot of fun and they are all little models. No really, I had some GQ action going on in front of my lens! I had a lot of faves for this session, especially with there being more people, so head over to Facebook to check out the rest!

X's and O's,
Brandi Sue

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mr D {Life}

Here's another session from last year, I'm still playing catch up! (with blogging not editing haha) He didn't mind the "picture taking" so much while he was playing baseball but he thought we were crazy when we wanted to stop so we could head over to OU campus for some different scenery! Luckily, he warmed up and I got some smiles out of this little cutie. Maybe he'll forgive me one day when he's a big shot baseball player and he has these to look back on for his early days :)

For more favorites, go to my Facebook. Have a great weekend!

X's and O's,
Brandi Sue

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Miss N {Newborn}

It's so much fun to grow with a family! I have photographed these sweet family twice before and was honored to be asked back to photograph their new addition! It seems like only yesterday when Miss A was a baby and now all of a sudden she's all grown up being a big sister! And such a good big sister at that! I really enjoy watching this family interact with each other. Marcy is the calmest mother I know, seriously she's unruffable! (that's a word right?!) She and her husband make a great team! As if that wasn't obvious by their darling girls!

For more of this session, head over to my Facebook! Enjoy!

X's and O's,
Brandi Sue

Mr. E {6 mo mini}

In case the pumpkins aren't a dead giveaway, I'm late in posting this little cutie's 6mo session! He slept for most of his newborn session and wasn't sure what to think during his 3mo session so I was excited to see him for his 6mo session! Okay I'm always excited, but 6mo is my fave session! I love seeing the smiles and bright eyes babies have at that age and how their personalities are developing! So much fun!!

I just love this little pumpkin patch! To check out more of his session, go to my Facebook! Enjoy!

X's and O's,
Brandi Sue